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Realizing that inner-city poverty stricken families are in desperate need of physical, emotional and spiritual services, Arms of Hope has initiated a Family Outreach Program.   Currently in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Denton, AOH Family Outreach Centers provide an opportunity to connect with resources to help families deal with hardships and life’s challenges that often stress a family to the point where they need hope, restoration, and guidance to find a path towards success and independence.

Services Provided

  • Networking and referrals to other non-profit agencies and organizations to ensure that each family can receive the maximum amount of support available

  • Facilitate and offer Christian counseling to help heal wounds and begin the journey to emotional stability

  • Connect the families to a loving church that will provide a safe place to worship and introduce the family to a community of Christ-centered followers

  • Provide practical life skills training including budgeting, parenting skills and help with the job application process

  • Help with rent, groceries and utilities costs

Contact [email protected] for more information.