MEDINA, TEXAS –Effective April 17, 2009

Arms of Hope a not-for-profit Christian Home network was formed with the consolidation of Medina Children’s Home,
Medina, Texas and Boles Children’s Home, Quinlan, Texas. “It gives me great pleasure
to announce a new partnership between two organizations that are leaders in child care
and family services in the state of Texas,” announced Curtis Bedrich, Chairman of the
Arms of Hope Board of Directors.

Discussions between the two boards of directors began some time ago with the idea that
these two great organizations, with much in common, could do so much more and do it
more effectively and efficiently working together. “As with any worthwhile endeavor, it
took a lot of work and prayer by the respective directors to reach an agreement that met
the needs of both organizations while remembering and honoring the needs of those we
serve,” stated Kevin McDonald, Arms of Hope President and Chief Executive Officer.
“We are excited about the potential to help even more children and families in the future
by building on our strengths under a strong leadership team.”

Boles and Medina both have rich histories and share identical programs and missions.
Together they bring over 135 years of experience in child care and have served thousands
of children and single-mother families. From their founding, both Boles and Medina
have had a strong commitment to Christian principles and the spiritual development of
the mothers and children in their care. “That commitment is the center piece of
everything we do and will continue to be our number one priority,” McDonald

Medina and Boles have been able to serve and grow because of dedicated and generous
supporters, who cherish children and single-mother families. “Arms of Hope is very
proud of its rich heritage and is so appreciative of its supporters for their faithful giving
and commitment to this work throughout the years,” McDonald stated. “Never has their
support been more important than it is right now. We have great confidence that the
supporters of Medina and Boles will rally behind Arms of Hope to ensure we are able to
serve even greater numbers of children and single mothers in need as we move forward.”
The Arms of Hope network is dedicated to nurturing and expanding the caring Christian
family programs established at the campuses in Medina and Quinlan, and to fostering
new loving environments where children and single mothers in need are able to reach
their fullest potential.

ABOUT ARMS OF HOPE Youth & Family Solutions:
Arms of Hope is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity focused on changing the lives of
children and families in crisis by providing a loving Christian environment in which they
can grow and develop. AOH is located on two campuses, one in Medina, Texas founded
in 1958 and another in Quinlan, Texas founded in 1924. AOH has two primary
programs, Residential Group Care and Mother-Child Care. The Residential Group Care
program provides a warm, loving, family-like Christian environment where children can
grow up safe and secure and develop to their full potential. The Mother-Child Care
program focuses on keeping families with no husband or father figure together by
providing basic necessities of life in a safe and nurturing atmosphere while helping single
mothers obtain an education and vocational training. Both of these programs have helped
change countless lives over the past eighty-four (84) years.